Drone Captures Mermaids Swimming In Lake Michigan
The songs of Mermaids are often blamed for leading many a sailor to their death. They are also a sight rarely if ever, seen. Here is drone footage of Three Mermaids swimming in Lake Michigan.
The Spectacular Tiny Planets Of Paw Paw
Unique and bizarre at the same time. With an editorial style known as tiny planet, we got some really unique 360 photos of Paw Paw. This fresh perspective on Paw Paw will have you looking at the architecture of the town in a new way.
City Of Kalamazoo Hosting Picnic In The Park September 18
The City of Kalamazoo has a regularly scheduled meeting at 7 pm on Monday. They are treating attendees to a picnic at Hayes Park before the meeting in hopes of bringing new people out to get involved in local government.