These are the 10 smallest villages in Michigan by population. And we're betting that even the most ardent Michiganders haven't heard of all 10.

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    Population 114

    Turner at 114 souls is the smallest village in Michigan. And if you happen to be on the back roads of Arenac County (north of Bay City) you may still miss it as it's a ways from the nearest highway, M-65.

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    Population: 123

    If you've traveled I-96 between Lansing and Grand Rapids, then you've come pretty close to Eagle, the second smallest village in Michigan:

    Eagle is located in the southeastern corner of Clinton County, about 10 miles from Lansing. This small, primarily residential town is regarded as an adjunct community to Lansing. It is also supported by a couple of stores and has its own post office. It is known for its Old Truck Show held every summer in the park under the watertower.

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    Population: 136

    Forestville is located in Michigan's Thumb (about where the knuckle would be) in Sanilac County. M-25 passes through Forestville on its drive along the Lake Huron shoreline.

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    Population: 143

    Harrietta is way off the beaten path in Wexford County. Wikipedia doesn't hold back in describing Harrietta:

    Although the village's main street has a line of store fronts, Harrietta has no working business, shops, or active buildings besides its post office. In the surrounding area you can find a fish hatchery that has provided some jobs to the local residents. The nearest store is M37 Market, a gas station/convenience store, at the corner of M-37 and South 30 Rd.

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    Free Soil

    Population: 144

    Free Soil is several hops, skips and jumps away from Ludington in Mason County. It's named after an obscure political party, the Free Soil Party, that championed limiting the spread of slavery.

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    Population: 145

    The first Upper Peninsula village to make the list of smallest in the state is Alpha in Iron County.

    The town almost has a New England feel with a circle at the enter of the village, as PureMichigan notes:


    It is situated on a hill overlooking the Alpha Creek, with a "Circle" as the center of town, directly in front of the Porter School, Alpha Township Hall, water tower and the First National Bank building.

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    Population: 146

    Ahmeek holds the distinction of being the only incorporated village in Keweenaw County. Eagle Harbor, Eagle River and Copper Harbor might be better known settlements in the Keweenaw, but they're not incorporated, Ahmeek is. Passing by on US-41/M-26 you drive just outside the Ahmeek village limits.

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    Population: 172

    Pierson is in the panhandle of Montcalm County and US 131 skirts by just outside the village limits.

    The Village Inn on 4th Street (the main drag though town) serves Bell's Two-Hearted Ale on tap. And a Mack Attack burger that will give that "two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions" imitator a run for its money.

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    Population: 180

    Melvin is the second village from Sanilac County to make the list of 10 smallest. The main street through this tiny Thumb hamlet, Washington Street, promptly turns to dirt when leaving the village limits.

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    Popluation: 181

    Twining, in Arenac County, is just down down the road a-piece from Turner, the smallest village in Michigan. And that's about all there is to say about Twining.

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