Each year the Food Bank of South Central Michigan holds a 'Supermarket Sweep' at Family Fare in Battle Creek to raise awareness and donations for the agency which serves an 8 county area.

Local media are invited to participate and I represented K-1025 and our sister stations.

Similar to the game show Supermarket Sweep, contestants are given 5 minutes to grab as many items as possible off a roughly 70 item long shopping list.

Teams are ranked by how many correct items they found and the dollar amount collected.

2017 was my first year running Supermarket Sweep and I came in dead last.

For my trouble I earned the "Wobbly Wheel."

The Wobbly Wheel Trophy

Wobbly Wheel Trophy
Eric Meier/TSM

The last place finisher earns the Wobbly Wheel shopping cart trophy - notice how the front wheel is all bent.

Why do I feel fine about my last place finish? Our team managed to collect $95 in groceries during our 5 minute run and all of those items, as well as the items from the other teams, are donated by Family Fair and Spartan Brands to the Food Bank of South Central Michigan.

That means for 5 minutes of work from several media outlets like WBCK, WWMT, WNWN, Battle Creek Shopper News and Scene Magazine/Senior Times, who took home first place, were able to collect several hundred dollars in food and personal care items.

The Food Bank of South Central Michigan reported that this year's Supermarket Sweep brought in 439 pounds of food.

Supermarket Sweep in Action

Here's how the WBCK team fared back in 2015.

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