Did you know this one stop light village has generated a former NBA player?

The little village of Lawrence had a population of 986 residents in the 2014 census according to Wikipedia.

Here are 5 Fun Facts About Lawrence Michigan.

#5. The village of Lawrence was originally named Mason when it was founded in 1835.

Find more history on Lawrence and Hartford at "Early History of Hartford and Lawrence."

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#4.  The Farmers Market

Lawrence has a fantastic farmers' market, held in the park for the past 11 years on Saturday mornings, July-October.  Would you believe there's a Farmers Market Band?  Thanks to Leonda Kessinger Shroyer, my high school English teacher, for the info and pictures.

Leonda Kessinger Shroyer
Leonda Kessinger Shroyer


#3. The Ox Roast.

This year will be the 33rd annual Ox Roast.  It's a 3 day Labor Day celebration in Lawrence.

Thanks to my mother who went to Lawrence High School and hooked me up with that suggestion. 


#2.  A former Lawrence High School student played in the NBA.

Shayne Whittington started his basketball career at Lawrence High School. He went on to play for Western Michigan from 2009-2014, then joined the NBA in 2014 as an Indiana Pacer according to wikipedia.  Shayne Whittington has since agreed to a deal with Obradoiro in Spain according to rotoworld.

Thank you Kristen Howard in Kalamazoo for the heads up on Shayne Whittington.

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#1.  One Traffic Light!

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