This week our small Michigan town series takes a look at a place that is almost right in the center of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.  Climax has a population of just under 800 people and an awesome name.

Here are the 5 Things Everyone From Climax Knows

#5. The Historic Climax Post Office Building

This gorgeous and historic building has been in Climax for quite some time according to wikipedia,

The Old Climax Post Office is a historic post office building in Climax, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.[1]

Originally built in 1931, the building became a library when a new post office opened across the street in 1964

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#4.  Climax could have been called Mullet, Michigan.

Climax was settled by John Mullet.  Be glad your towns name is Climax.  It could be Mullet, Michigan.
In 1825, John Mullet was among the first white settlers in Climax, along with Calvin White (1831), and the Farnsworth brothers (1832) according to wikipedia.

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#3. Cold Brook County Park

Whether it's fishing, swimming, camping or disc golf; Cold Brook County Park is a very popular spot in Climax.

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#2. Bowmans BBQ & Meat Market

Renee Potter Mercer had this to say in her 5-star review on facebook,

Large menu with our favorite foods! We tried the brisket and the ribs, great flavor and tender. Everything is homemade and it tastes like it. Potato salad & jalapeño cornbread was tasty, we also tried the Cajun cornbread, tasty and a bit spicy as well. Prices are very fair, especially for BBQ.
They were very friendly and service was quick! We're going back, there's so much more we want to try!

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#1. Harvester / Anthea

When we asked the good people of facebook what their favorite thing about Climax is, hands down the #1 answer was Harvester Restaurant (AKA Athena's.)  Sadly, this popular restaurant burned down in March of 2017.  It is clearly missed in the community.

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