Gobles is our next stop as we highlight small towns in West Michigan.  If you know these 5 things, you're probably from Gobles.

5 Things Everyone From Gobles Knows

#5  1984 was the best year ever!  No, not because of Prince and Madonna.  That's the year the Gobles Tigers won the state football championship.

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#4  Club M aka Murawski's Tavern.  When former Gobles residents come back home to visit friends and family, Club M is first on thier list.

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#3  Timber Ridge.  People have been coming to Timber Ridge from all over the state for the last 50 years for winter fun.  It's been a weekly hangout for many Gobles families.

#2  Hatchet Man Road!  Gobles is home to one of the most famous Urban Legends.  Click here to learn more.

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#1  Nino's Pizza!  Nino's is without a doubt a staple of Gobles.

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