Texas Corners is in tiny Texas Township with a population under 11,000 residents.

According to Wikipedia,

The township encompasses two major highway trunklines: I-94 and US 131 (which borders the eastern boundary with Portage). The township wholly contains the Al Sabo Preserve, which straddles Portage Creek through southwestern Kalamazoo County.

The Texas Township Campus of Kalamazoo Valley Community College is located on the southern side of West O Avenue, just east of 8th Street South.

Here are 5 Things Everyone From Texas Corners Knows.

#5. Everyone knows you have to stop at Sillwater's and check out over 300 hot sauces.

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#4.  Zeb's is the best place for a Bloody Mary.

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#3.  Great Lakes Burn Camp for Kids is one of the best events in the state of Michigan.

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#2.  The Crooked Lake Market has the best pizza!

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#1.  The lakes have freshwater jellyfish.

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