You won't believe some of the things you can find for free in Kalamazoo on Craigslist.  

Here are 5 Weird Things You Can Get Free On Kalamazoo Craigslist Right Now

#5  Rooster-chicken


That's right!  These 2 6 month old roosters can be yours.  Click here for the actual Craigslist ad.

#4  Dirt, lots of dirt


Free fill dirt - I ordered too much for a project. You may bring in a bobcat to load. It is by Portage Northern High School. This is not beach sand, it is compactable. Approximately 4 yd.³  Click here for actual craigslist ad.

#3  Mailbox and...wait for it...the post.


Free mailbox+post. Not "like new" condition but fine and completely functional. Our postal woman asked that we move our mailbox so it is not on a curve in the road, and also to get a bigger mailbox. Go figure!   Click here for actual craigslist ad.

#2  Walnuts


The ad simply says "Free walnut."  Click here to check it out.  It's a good read.

#1  Vintage American Standard & Crane Toilets/Kohler Bathroom Sink


This is my favorite one.  Not just "vintage" toilets...but they threw in the bathroom sink.  Click here for the craigslist ad.

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen on Craigslist?  Let us know in the Facebook comments.