Bouquet of flowers? Nah, I'd rather have a bouquet of donuts!

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away. This year, instead of opting for the nice-but-boring flowers and chocolates, get your Valentine something different! While flowers and chocolates are lovely gifts, here are 6 things you can get your Valentine that aren't your typical gift!

ps - The gift ideas seem to have a theme of food and drink. Twas not my intention when I set out to write this... but apparently I was very hungry. #sorrynotsorry


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    A Donut Bouquet

    What's better than a bouquet of flowers...? A bouquet of something sweet & delicious that you can eat, like donuts! DUH! Mitten Raised Bakery in East Lansing is offering up bouquets of donuts for those that know that the way to ANY person's heart is through their stomach.

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    A Beef Jerky Bouquet

    If the Valentine in your life is a lover of meats, why not get them a bouquet of jerky? Or summer sausage? Or snack sticks? This is another cool and delicious spin on a bouquet. Plus, if the person you're gifting doesn't have a sweet tooth, this might be the perfect gift for them! This company called "The Manly Man Company" makes beef jerky flower bouquets -- they even look like little flowers! Or you can buy some jerky on your own and put it in a cool mug or cup, and that can be the SECOND part of your gift!

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    A Heart Shaped Box of Chicken Nuggets

    How awesome would it be to have your Valentine open a giant heart-shaped box, and instead of chocolates with weird mystery fillings, it was filled with chicken nuggets?!? So awesome, imo... Chick-Fil-A is offering heart-shaped boxes of nuggets or Chick-n-Minis the week of Valentine's Day at participating locations. Chick-Fil-A in Okemos is one of those participating locations, by the way! Just remember - they aren't open on Sunday. Also keep in mind that this idea of filling a heart-shaped box can apply to other food items. Maybe your Valentine prefers Wendy's or Taco Bell... just get a heart-shaped box and fill it with some burgers or tacos, and BOOM! Delicious Valentine's Day gift.

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    A Heart-Shaped Pizza

    Speaking of food in the shape of a heart... Get your Valentine a heart-shaped pizza! Not only is this a great gift for sharing, it's the perfect gift for a Valentine that would rather stay home and chillax on Valentine's Day. Just order your heart-shaped pizza for delivery!

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    A Bouquet of Mini Liquor Bottles

    If your Valentine has a particular favorite when it comes to spirits, get them a bouquet for their favorite liquor in a miniature version, because mini versions of things are adorable! If your Valentine doesn't care for hard liquor, you could always go with an excellent Michigan beer (there are lots to choose from)! And for those who don't drink alcohol, you can put together a DIY bouquet of whatever their favorite drink is... soda, coffee, tea... whatever is their fav!

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    A Basket of Flours

    No, I didn't misspell flowers, I actually mean a basket of flours. There's this scene in the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" where Will Farrell's character brings the woman he loves a basket of different flours -- like barley, wheat, and more -- because she's a baker. And what better to get the baker that you love than a basket of flours. But the same principal applies to your gift giving even if your Valentine doesn't like to bake; just get them a basket of some of their favorite things. If they like to crochet, get them a basket of yarn; if they like to shoot paintball, get them a basket of different color paintballs... you get the idea...