Days of hanging out are going by the wayside as online shopping takes over by way of convenience. What happens with these spaces once the crowds have left?

I originally wanted to title this "The Shopping Mall Is Dead In Michigan"; because we have lost so many over the years. Maple Hill Mall on West Main has been reduced to a strip mall while West Main Mall itself has been completely removed and replaced by a few stores that are can't even hang on, losing MC Sporting goods in the past couple years. Gull Crossing was replaced by a massive Menards on the corner of Gull Rd and Sprinkle. Even Crossroads Mall has been showing signs of decline with more and more empty storefronts and fewer customers day to day.

So what is becoming of these malls? Take a look inside two Michigan Malls that are all but erased from existence in this brilliantly crafted video.

Even world famous Youtubers can't resist checking out an abandoned mall. Here is a video with some of the most popular and some of my favorites like Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon, and Max Joseph. Filmed by Casey for his Youtube channel.

What is your favorite mall or mall memory?

BONUS VIDEO: A Look at the Abandoned Slide Away near Kalamazoo