Just look at those smiles! Affordable Dentures got to sink their teeth into a barbecue lunch and donuts as our Workplace of the Week winners.

Photo: Bobby Guy
Photo: Bobby Guy

We gave Affordable Dentures a good reason to smile by delivering lunch for the staff from Smoke N Buns and a dozen delicious donuts from Sweetwater's Donut Mill.

Kamey used to listen to me on another statuion, so she heard a familiar voice when her radio landed on 102.5FM. Then she realized the songs were familiar too and has kept it on Kalamazoo's Greatest Hits ever since. Affordable Dentures has K102.5 on in the lab where they craft dentures in just one day. (I got a behind the scenes look- it is fascinating.)

Want to be our next Workplace of the Week and get a donut delivery from K-1025? Just let us know you’re listening on the job.

Bonus Video: A Visit To Smoke N Buns

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