American's have several airlines to choose from when it comes to 'flying the friendly skies'. So which airline do we choose the least? What is Americas most hated airline? 

In the wake of United Airlines dragging a passenger from one of it's flights only to make room for one of their own employees (imagine how uncomfortable their flight was). You would think they would have the lowest satisfaction rating but you would be wrong. That distinction goes to Spirit Airlines according to Fox News Travel. .

Spirit Airlines may offer some dirt cheap airfare deals but when it comes to pleasing passengers, the carrier ranks dead last...

...Spirit is known for its no-frills fares which means tickets are competitively priced—sometimes as low as $30 for a one-way trip—but have no included amenities like inflight beverages. The airline also charges a fee for a second carry-on.

When Spirit does serve beverages, this kind of thing happens, also from Fox.

Spirit has also garnered some negative attention for its strict no-refund policy and routinely bumping customers, earning it low marks for poor customer service. The airline is currently facing a lawsuit from a group of women involved in a mid-flight brawl that they claim was fueled by alcohol served to them during the trip.

While we are fortunate enough that they aren't one of the Kalamazoo carriers, Detroit, unfortunately, has to deal with them.