Alan Kazam has been using his magic to delight audiences in Kalamazoo and all around Michigan for 20 years. He stopped by the K102.5 studios to show off his prodigious skills of prestidigitation.

"Pick a card, any card..." No doubt you've heard the line before. If you are skeptical of all that hocus-pocus, Alan Kazam just may make you a believer. For more than 20 years, Kalamazoo magician Alan Kazam has been performing at corporate parties, company picnics, birthday parties, fairs and festivals, church functions, school assemblies, libraries, day care centers and anywhere else that is in need of some necromancy and enchantment. He brought his deck of charmed cards and bewitching bunnies to the K102.5 studios and made our eyes and mouths open wide in amazement as laughter involuntarily spilled out.

Kids of all ages will love the Halloween Spooktacular Magic Show October 27, 28, and 29 at the Paw Paw Playhouse.

Bonus Video: Magician Alan Kazam amazes Heather McGregor with the "Mommy Run To Daddy" magic trick.