Every town in America has pizzerias, each of them employ some pretty good pizza makers. But the best pizza maker in America - he lives in Southwest Michigan.

His name is Joey Capozio and his family name is synonymous with a small regional chain known as Capozio's with former locations in Benton Harbor, St Joseph and a current location in Harbert, all in Berrien County.

Capozio was named the Top Pizza Maker in America at the 2008 North America Pizza and Ice Cream trade show in the Pizza Pizzazz competition,

Joseph Capozio, of Capozio's Inc. in Benton Harbor, Mich., also managed to beat out the contestants vying for the $7,500 traditional prize. Capozio baked a "Combination" pizza featuring cheese, sausage, mushrooms, green and red peppers, onions and fresh garlic.

Capozio recently opened a new pizzeria in Benton Harbor known as Joey C's.

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