Now known as the Antlers Bar & Restaurant, this long-time establishment originally had a much more colorful name: The Bucket of Blood Saloon!

Located at 804 E. Portage Avenue, just southside of Sova Street, the Bucket of Blood continued to sell illegal booze during the years of Prohibition (1920-1933), by posing as an ice cream parlor. As expected, their profits were exceptionally huge, the government got suspicious, and the owners were nabbed.

The Bucket of Blood doubled as a whorehouse, and it’s believed that one of the ghosts that haunt the place is one of the former prostitutes. Another spirit that inhabits the tavern possibly belongs to a past waitress.

As far as occurrences, doors open and close by themselves, different types of office equipment come on & off, shadow figures are seen, and one paranormal investigator was pushed by something unseen on the kitchen stairway. These and other happenings have been experienced by employees, customers, and investigators.

Someone’s fertile imagination, you may think? Well, it was believable enough for the A&E Biography program “My Ghost Stories” to do a segment on the Antlers in 2012.

Take a trip north and check out the Antler's Bar, along with many, many more cool historic, paranormal locations sometime soon!


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