84 years ago, gangster Baby Face Nelson robbed fist first bank, Right here in Michigan and almost didn't get away with it. 

In Grand Haven, Michigan, way back in August of 1933, Baby Face Nelson and his gang made their first bank robbery and it almost ended in disaster. From the Grand Haven Tribune, where you can also see a photo of the original bank, Nelson and several of his gang members 'knocked off' the Peoples Savings Bank. The getaway driver was met by a security guard who took aim on him with a Remington repeater shotgun. The driver took off leaving Baby Face and the others stranded. Earl Doyle, being tackled to the ground, was the only robber to be captured. The others, found another car and made their way to Indiana. Nelson was shot and killed 15 months later.

The Bank no longer stands, having been demolished and rebuilt in 1984. Here is what stands at the location now.

John Mason/TSM
John Mason/TSM

Here is a video of Baby Face Nelson and his short career.

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