Some spectacular up-close photographs of a pair of bald eagles were taken in Battle Creek over the holidays. The two have apparently lived in the Goguac Lake area during the past few years and have been seen regularly by residents who live in the area. On Monday, December 30th 2019, John Zuk took several photos of the two Bald Eagles perched on a tree near the water and shared them on his Facebook page.

Bald Eagles at Goguac Lake (Credit John Zuk )

In the comments, some people said they had seen them there over the last few years, but others had no idea. Another person said that their nest is at the end of the road they live on and that the pair of bald eagles had successfully raised a chick in 2019 and tjhat they got to see the young one as he ventured from the nest. Unfortunately, we are not aware of any pictures of the chick, but if someone has one, feel free to email it to us.

Cheryl L. Rudd, also a resident on Goguac Lake, was the one who brought this to our attention when she shared John's photos on Facebook. She also shared some information with us about the bald eagles, as well as some photos she has taken.

Bald Eagles at Goguac Lake (Courtesy Cheryl L. Rudd)

Yes, I live on Goguac Lake too and I have other photos that I've taken in my yard when the female has come up to my tree and perched on the branch.  They live here and it is very rare to get an up-close picture of these beautiful birds. - Battle Creek resident Cheryl L. Rudd

The bald eagle population in Michigan has grown significantly over the past few decades. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the state currently has around 800 nesting pairs of bald eagles. Back in the 1960s, that number was much lower at around 50 breeding pairs in the state.

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