From Battle Creek to Lansing, it's a 42-mile walk. That may sound like a tough feat to overcome but to Bobby Holley, it's nothing compared to the hurt thousands of students, teachers, and family members go through when they lose a loved one to gun violence in schools. Holley is hoping his walk can draw attention to the growing issue that has been around ever since the tragedy at Columbine.

Holley is a  72-year-old community activist and yesterday morning at 9 a.m. over 700 Pennfield High School students, teachers and staff lined the hallways to cheer him on as he made his way towards the state's capital. When he arrived this morning his plan was to convince legislators and Gov. Rick Snyder to pass more laws that will protect schools from gun violence.

Holley is a regular substitute teacher at Pennfield and other Battle Creek-area schools and told the Battle Creek Enquirer how important he feels it is that the youth of America stand up for important causes like this:

One person can make a difference, but you definitely need a youth movement, especially in this area, to make a strong change within the government.

This is not the first time Holley has made the news for doing something like this. Back in 2013, he crawled on his hand and knees from Battle Creek to Albion to demonstrate his unhappiness with the closing of Albion High School as seen below.




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