Who doesn't love free donuts? Tell us where you listen to Kalamazoo's Greatest Hits at work and we could be sending you a dozen Sweetwater's donuts.

No doubt a few things have changed at work, but everybody still loves donuts. (OK, there's always that one guy that says he never eats them- you can have his.) K102.5 wants to thank you for listening to Kalamazoo's favorite at work station by sending you a dozen donuts form Sweetwater's Donut Mill. We've picked the best, and you get to choose the ones you like!

K102.5 at Work

  • Jojo Gerard kicks off the workday with 2 hours of Kalamazoo's Greatest Hits commerical-free from 8-10 am
  • Sarah Sullivan hangs out with you at lunch- her favorite time of day!
  • James Rabe helps you finish off the workday and gets you home with the No Slow Drive at 5

Call it a bribe, if you like, but you know free donuts will make meetings better. You know how there's always someone who likes to have "just a little" and cuts them up into halves and quarters- there won't even be crumbs left when it's from Sweetwater's. Thanks for listening to K102.5 at work. Let us know who you are and where you work so we can reward you sweetly for your loyalty.

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