Lakes are the only bodies of water that seem to interchange the word lake being before or after the name. Why is that?

This is something we don't see with other bodies of water. there is no SeaCarribeann, no Ocean Atlantic. rather they are the other way around. Same goes for ponds, rivers, and streams.

When it comes to lakes we seem to get all willy nilly with is and bounce the word lake around like skipping stones on a, well, on a lake. There's Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and even Lake Saint Clair. If you look locally you will find in Paw Paw, Maple Lake, In Mattawan has Eagle Lake, Kalamazoo has Asylum Lake, Whites Lake Gull Lake and on and on.

What about the Noun and Adjective logic? If Morrow  Lake were named for David Morrow, would it then be Lake Morrow? Possibly. But wait, Arizona Has the Roosevelt Lake that is also called Lake Roosevelt. There goes that idea.

Maybe if we look into space we will find an answer. The moon has The Sea Of Tranquility so that's one for the backward team.

When I started this it was because I noticed that LAKE comes before the name of each of our Great Lakes and no other until that is, I really started looking. Now I am more confused than ever as to how are lakes are named. Do you have an answer?

BONUS VIDEO: High Winds Make Big Waves on Lake Michigan in South Haven