It's like shuffleboard on ice- how hard can it be, right? I got the chance to learn curling with Team USA when they were in Kalamazoo back in 2010.

I know I'm no Olympic athlete, but I love to run and I'll try just about anything: Warrior Dash, mud run, ultra-marathon, adventure racing, fat-tire biking, bring it on!  In 2010, USA Curling Nationals were held at Wings Event Center and I had the chance to learn the ropes. Curling looked like a piece of cake.

I was wrong.

It looks easy- there's no heavy lifting, you don't ever see them sweat and I'm not even sure if the players are breathing hard after all that sweeping and yelling. The granite stone weights about 40 pounds, and all you have to do is slide it less than 50 feet down the ice. The only equipment you need is the rock, a couple of brooms and booties.

The hardest part is keeping your balance while concentrating on making a good play. Watch as my coworkers and I had varying degrees of success throwing the rock, scoring points and knocking the others out of play. I have to confess, my favorite part was yeling HARDHARDHARDHARD!

Bonus Video: Kalamazoo Mud Run 2016

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