Kalamazoo let their opinions be heard on social media- tell us what you think about removing the historic Fountain of the Pioneers from Bronson Park.

We let you know about the City of Kalamazoo's late-night vote to get rid of a local landmark. A story posted by MLive generated divisive comments from keyboard warriors on both sides of the controversial issue: is it history or racism? Is this progress or revisionism? Who gets to decide? Here's what people are saying:

  • "Shameful Kalamazoo! Just another reason I will stay away from downtown. You are destroying Kalamazoo and all the wonderful things there use be to do. And now you really are bending to the minority and destroying history." -Beverly
  • "You can’t erase history by removing statues. I think it’s better to educate and learn from the past. We are living in an over-sensitive world right now. It’s disheartening to me." -Mary
  • "Everything offends somebody so let's get get rid of everything." -Tom
  • "And we as not-the-tribe have decided we know what's better for them than they do." -Michele R:
  • "This fountain was\is ours, not the native tribe's. They didn't make it or put it there, and it's fate is our burden, not theirs." -Matt
  • "I've been watching this controversy. I grew up in Kzoo and actually swam in that fountain as a kid. Honestly, I had no idea what this statue symbolized until this last week. I definitely have mixed feelings about this issue and hope it gets relocated to an honorable place as it is an historical piece of art." -Annie