I was at Cooley law School Stadium last Saturday as they were honoring Lansing native Burt Reynolds. I began thinking about his time here, his movies, his return visits to Lansing…and when I got home I began searching for more info on him, which prompted the following...

Burt’s former 153-acre ranch in Palm Beach County, Florida fell into bankruptcy in 1999, forcing him to give it all up, sell, and vacate it.

In was here where he filmed scenes for some of his movies, including ‘Smokey & The Bandit II” and a few others. He married Loni Anderson in 1988 in a chapel on his property; he also had studios, horse track, wild animals…..and an 18-crypt mausoleum. His intent was to live his life here and be buried with family members. He wasn’t forgetting about his fans, because he also had a parking lot built where the fans could visit the crypt and pay their last respects.

The remains of the property and its buildings are covered with overgrown brush, vines, weeds…..and graffiti from trespassers.

The photos below show you what Mr. Reynold’s intended final resting place looked like before land developers came in and cleared most everything out.

He should have come home to Lansing.