Maintaining your car can certainly be expensive. But, with winter on the way, it's vital that you make sure your vehicle is going to be safe on the road. Especially, when it comes to the brakes.

Of course, you want to know that the work you're spending your hard-earned money on will be honest and reliable. It's why a person with the username Hi-444 asked a question on Reddit that read,

Cheap but reliable place to get my brakes and rotors checked in Kalamazoo?

As always, Kalamazoo locals came through with several suggestions.

Here are at least 6 local places in the Kalamazoo area that are both affordable and reliable according to those suggestions:

1. Spring Valley Motors 

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This spot was recommended by u/mygoodfriendbaxter who said,

Spring valley motors is affordable and honest.

Spring Valley Motors has been servicing Kalamazoo since 1981. They specialize in Volkswagen repairs and restoration but, offer all-inclusive service on all major car brands, according to their website. They're located at 735 Mills Street in Kalamazoo and can be contacted at (269) 381-6070 or on their website.

2. Shoemakers Garage Inc. 

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Shoemakers Garage was recommended by a few different people including u/FaeTallen who wrote,

Always had honest and competent service from Shoemakers. They'll treat you like a person and give you a fair price. I strongly recommend them.

According to their website, Shoemakers Garage Inc. has been a family-run business since 1984. They have a long list of services offered like heating and air conditioning, computer system repairs, and, of course, brakes. You can see a full list of services here. Shoemakers, located at 633 East Crosstown Parkway in Kalamazoo, can be contacted at (269) 345-1071 or by using their online contact form.

3. Driven Automotive Services

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Another family-owned auto repair spot, Driven Automotive Services is located at 8688 West Main Street in Kalamazoo. They came recommended by u/dreadredheadzedsdead who commented,

Driven Automotive, formerly Hallie’s on M43. Greg Sampley is the co owner, all around nice guy and great technician.

Their website says they specialize in imports but are more than capable of servicing domestic vehicles as well. You can see their full list of services here. Driven Automotive Services can be contacted at (269) 372-7330 or on their website.

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4. Ryder's Auto Service Centre

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The recommendation for Ryder's Auto Service comes from u/Hbuu_koolaid who said,

Ryders auto in portage. Very fair.

Simple and to the point. Ryder's has been servicing the Portage area for the last 20 years, according to their website. They also strive to set the standard for auto repair services. Aside from brakes, their list of services includes engine repair, front-end repair, and air conditioning repair among others. They're located at 1201 W Centre Ave in Portage and can be contacted at (269) 327-4467 or online.

5. Dykstra's Auto, Inc. 

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Dykstra's Auto, Inc. actually has locations all over West Michigan. However, they came recommended by u/lovescrap41 who wrote,
Dykstra Auto. I’ve been going there for about 9 years now and I love them.
Their Kalamazoo location is at 3601 Stadium Drive. They've been in business since 1984 and, according to their website, their goal is to build relationships with their customers that far exceed their expectations. Read more here. Dykstra's Auto is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm and can be contacted at (269) 375-3333.
6. Chapman Automotive
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Located at 1511 Douglas Ave in Kalamazoo, Chapman Automotive claims to have over 50 years of combined experience within their team. Their services include axel repair, exhaust system, and brakes/clutches. They also offer free wi-fi to their customers and coupons on their website. Chapman Automotive can be contacted at (269) 382-4045 or by using their contact form on their website. You can also find them on Facebook.

Hopefully, this list will be a good start for your brake repair, or any other auto-related repair needs so that you can feel safe on the road any time of the year!

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