A brand new Circle K is going up on S. Sprinkle Rd. just blocks from the Portage franchise.

To quote the most excellent philosopher Ted Theodore Logan, "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K." Geographically, the two stores are just a block apart but the township line divides them. The Circle K in Portage sits in the northeast corner of the City at 5324 Meredith St. A new, larger, more modern facility including gas pumps is being built just north at the intersection of Sprinkle and Kilgore/E. N Ave. in Comstock Township.

There's no official word but I've got to guess the aged Portage store will close once construction is completed on the spacious, new building. If the count is, indeed, even there will remain 7 Circle K's in Southeast Michigan with another Portage store on W. Milham, the Milwood stop on Portage Rd., Lovell St. in Kalamazoo proper, plus Richland, Plainwell and Battle Creek.

Photo: Bobby Guy