Between strong winds, loss of control or GPS and the ever feared tree. See what happens when a drone flight goes bad. 

Drones can be fun to fly And a useful tool for law enforcement, building inspections and photographers. I like to fly over abandoned and cool looking buildings, in a series I have been doing called Drones over Southwest Michigan, to see what can't normally be seen by most people. Sometimes, things don't go as planned. Either it's too windy, rainy, poor GPS or cellular signal which aids in mapping for the GPS. Then there are those times where you get so focused on the image from the camera that you forget to watch where the drone is headed. I am willing to share my pain while trying to make the most out of a bad situation, watch this video where I fly over the Holland Castle in a video I like to call "crash and learn".

Also, this is what happened to one of my cameras,

John Mason/TSM
John Mason/TSM

BONUS VIDEO: Fly over the former Checker Motor corp. site

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