The treasure hunters behind the Curse of Oak Island have turned their attention to Michigan and are on the trail of a rumored cache of civil war gold hidden somewhere in Lake Michigan.

Kevin Dykstra and his team base their search for Civil War Gold in Michigan on a deathbed confession from a lighthouse keeper in the 1890s.

The series includes at least two West Michigan locations in their search - Muskegon, where the downtown is said to have been financed by the stolen gold and the city's showcase Hackley Park is a tribute to the Confederacy.

Another location is Allegan, where a downtown Civil War statue may hold another clue and a city father was the commanding officer of the unit that captured Jefferson Davis, the incident that ignited the civil war gold rumor.

Episode 1 - The Betrayal

Marty Lagina, a native Michigander, meets with Kevin Dykstra who is the lead researcher behind the Michigan Civil War gold legend.

At Lagina's Traverse City winery, the story is told about a lost rail car that is said to contain $2 million in gold. That's $2 million in 1865 dollars - more than $140 million today.

The story of Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis by the 4th Michigan is detailed. See two illustrations from 1865 depicting the capture of Davis and the story of unit commander Benjamin Pritchard of Allegan.

Pritchard begins the money trail. He was a school teacher and lawyer before the war. Upon his return to Allegan, he chartered two banks. The first rabbit hole for Civil War Gold investigators.

The Search in Georgia

The group of Michgiander Civil War Gold investigators come to Wilcox County Georgia. At Lagina's instance, the group is visiting the spot of Davis's capture in Georgia to learn about the cache of gold that Davis was said to have been transporting. The gold may have been intended for setting up a new nation based in Mexico.

The CSA travelers had been travelling with 14 wagons, but was only captured with 8. So what happened to those 6 wagons and were they holding the contents of the Confederate Treasury?

Metal detecting begins and turns up what might be a nut to a wagon and bolt. The crew then uncovers a Civil War-era coin. The crew informs Lagina of their coin discovery. He says he wants more before he's all-in and encourages the group to return to Michigan and keep going.

Research at Michigan State

Members of the team head to Michigan State the story of and uncanny wealth of humble Lt Col Benjamin Prichard as well as researching his commanding officer, Lieutenant Minty from Jackson.

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