This crazy "steal a base, steal a taco" promotion for the World Series from Taco Bell go me thinking...wouldn't it be cool if there were taco buffets?  Well it turns out...

I mentioned that idea on the radio Friday Morning and received a facebook message from Tiffany in Kalamazoo that said, "There is a taco buffet in Saginaw and it's amazing."

She's right!  Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Saginaw has a Taco Buffet.

google Maps


I looked around the internet and found a few more.

Taco Loco in Utica doesn't just have a taco buffet but they have mariachi band!

Google Maps


Looking for something closer?  How about Aldaco’s Taco Bar in Lansing?

Google Maps


Even closer yet...Mi Pueblo on Gull Rd in Kalamazoo!

TSM: Dana Marshall


Do you know of any Taco Buffets in West Michigan that I missed?  Let us know in the facebook comments.