Sometimes you just cant find what you are looking for and when you do, the price can scare you away. That's when you decide to take on the challenge and do it yourself. 

I have had a fascination with Steampunk style ever since I saw a segment about it on the TV show Sunday Morning when it aired five years ago. More recently I discovered The Steam Dream Expo that takes place at The Olde World Village in Augusta, Michigan. Last year I even wrote a story about it that I called See the Cool And Unusual People At The Steam Dream Expo 2016 at Old World Village in Augusta

This year, I am not only going back but I'm going in costume. A major part of the costume revolves around the hat. I opted for a top hat but finding one at a reasonable price is the hard part. So I decided to make my own. Want to make one also? Here is the video for my hat.

After making this, I think I'm going to tackle a few more "props" myself.


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