The land that became East Leroy was purchased in 1835 by Ira Case. However, the first resident in this new land was David Fish, who moved there with his wife in 1836. It wasn't long before they finally gave the community its name – Leroy, after their son Leroy Fish.

There was a good-sized swamp/marsh that cut the community in half, therefore splitting it up into two separate towns: East & West Leroy. The first burial ground in East Leroy was donated by Joshua Robinson in 1839. The first person buried there was Joshua's daughter Betsey.

In June 1852, East Leroy acquired a post office named “Secillia P.O.” with William Gilles appointed first postmaster. It shut down in 1871, re-opened in 1872, and in 1874 the name “Secillia” was dumped, taking on the name 'East Leroy'.

East Leroy was also a station along the Michigan Central Railroad.

The railroad is long gone, but a good handful of old buildings and homes still give East Leroy that smalltown charm that's only found in Michigan.

The town is located in Calhoun County's Leroy Township, 13 miles south of Battle Creek.


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