As a kid we all had that phase where we were obsessed with playing with toy cars, pretending we were a cop or a firefighter, and thought of how cool it would be to be on in real life. Especially after we got to ride on a firetruck. Those childhood dreams may become a reality tomorrow as firetrucks, garbage trucks, and other vehicles are going up for auction starting at 10 a.m. at 14666 Telegraph Road in Redford, as Local 4 Detroit reports.

According to the city, there is a lot of aging hardware they are in need of getting rid of like tractors, dump trucks, police motorcycles, and firetrucks so they're giving them to the Midwest Public Auction in Redford Township to auction off. I seriously wish I had the money right now to invest in a firetruck.

I'd do it all up with crazy colors and be the town guy who drives around his crazy firetruck. I don't know, I have weird goals in life.

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