The irony of the Kalamazoo Trader Joe's refrigeration system going down is, we're in the middle of the coldest weather here in a few years.

Two frozen food items from Trader Joe's. (Dave Benson/TSM)

The simple thing might have been to simply take all the refrigerated foods and put them outside. (though the Health Dept. might have issues with that option) But Trader Joe's #706 (but now #1 in many people's hearts) crew did something better. With their refrigeration system malfunctioning, they donated thousands of pounds of food to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission.

We are so sorry to hear that Trader Joe's #708 refrigeration system went down yesterday, but we are so thankful that in the midst of their crisis Trader Joe's chose to donate thousands of pounds of food to us. We are so thankful for the support we have in our community to help feed and provide for the homeless of Kalamazoo.

There's not really much more to say, but offer a well deserved pat on the back and shout out for their generosity.