A brand new WMU school year is about ready to start. And there are some things that every new WMU student should know. And since WMU President, Dr. Edward Montgomery is new, this is for him, too. Pay attention. All these things are important and will benefit you greatly during your time at Western Michigan University.

1. Know the Words to the Fight Song. (The campus chapel's bells play it every hour, so practice often)

2. If you want to pass your final exams, pour water on the Whale. Located near Everett Tower and Rood Hall, some poo-pooh it as a superstition, but do you really want to take a chance?

Photo: David Borzkowski; Used by permission.

3. Maybe it's an Urban Legend or maybe not. Dr. Sangren is buried underneath Sangren Hall?

Photo: Western MIchigan University

4. Don't Step On The "W" It's next to Waldo Library. Respect the "W".

Photo: David Borzkowski; Used by permission.

5. The Three Most Important Words Every WMU Student, Alumni, Faculty and Employee Should know:

Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Those three words are: "%*&@# The Chips. If you know that phrase, it will serve you well in life.

Honorable Mention Phrases:

  • "Waste-ern Michigan"
  • "Consider it Dunn"  (in honor of WMU President-Emeritus Dr. John Dunn)
  • "Ferris is not a State."
  • "No, officer, I forgot my ID"