Luckily things are being done about the pothole situation that's plaguing this state. You can now file a claim if your car was damaged because of potholes which will cover the charge. But there's an even better reward for all the trauma we go through when our vehicles get damaged because of these things. It gives us stress, so let's treat ourselves to some free ice cream.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the Farmhouse Coffee & Ice Cream in Franklin, Michigan is offering those who have gone through rough times recently from potholes, come in and have a treat on them. They serve a flavor called "Michigan Pothole" which comes from Ashby Sterling Ice Cream in Shelby Township. The ice cream is described as "thick black tar fudge and chocolate ice cream with chunky chocolate cookie asphalt pieces."

Until March 25th, all you have to do is bring in a recent receipt dated no earlier than February 1st showing a replacement or fixing of a tire or other damages from a pothole and you can score a free scoop of the Michigan Pothole flavor, which is valued at $3.76. I'm waiting for one of our local ice cream shops in Kalamazoo to hook us up with some free ice cream. Where you at, Kzoo?



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