Of course Lake Superior is the largest of our Great Lakes, and the largest freshwater lake in the world. These Olympic-sized facts about a frozen Lake Superior will prove again that the lake has truly earned its name.

Upper Peninsula Supply Company, a Marquette-based seller of all thing UP like clothing, gifts and souvenirs did the math and came up with these three incredible facts about a frozen Lake Superior:

  • The total surface area of Lake Superior would be equal to almost 45 million Olympic-sized ice rinks. 44,867,477 to be exact.
  • If you were the Zamboni driver responsible for Lake Superior, it would take you over 1000 years to run over the entire surface of the frozen lake.
  • Finally the surface area of the entire frozen Great Lakes is equal to nearly 134 million Olympic ice rinks.

BONUS VIDEO - Summer Sunset on a non-frozen Lake Superior