A hacker took control of computers across the United States causing the shut down of Emergency Rooms and other services. A Michigan man's clever solution helped end this attack. 

The Cyber attack hit more then 100 countries and demanded the payment of $300 in Bitcoin (I didn't even know we still used Bitcoin). According to a story from WOOD-TV,

To the rescue came 29-year-old Darien Huss, a Purdue University graduate and senior security research engineer at cybersecurity firm Proofpoint. He works for a California company, but lives in Newaygo County to be near his wife’s job.

Huss was able to track down the hackers domain name that was used to launch the attack and discovered it wasn't a registered name. What's a boy to do but buy the name, right?

That's right, for a grand total of $10.69, Huss bought the domain name and then, Also from WOOD-TV,

So working with a fellow cyber-sleuth in the UK, they were able to throw the so-called kill switch that stopped the attack in its tracks and allowed the thousands of infected systems to begin recovering from the attack, but not before more than $20,000 in bitcoin ransoms had been paid at $300 to $600 a pop.

This is reported to be one of the largest Cyber attacks ever launched and also one of the shortest lived. Giving us hope for the future of security technology. Maybe we need to take out personal security seriously.

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