A new Instagram and Facebook trend will leave you and your date laughing and everyone else puzzled. Have you tried the #Goodwilldatenight challenge?

Whether you have been dating or married for years or just getting into a new relationship, the new trend for that night on the town will turn some heads.

The idea is to go to the goodwill and pick out an outfit for your date for only $10, that they must wear for the evening. Also, adding to the fun, you make up names for each other that you must use for the night. The pros, it makes for a great ice-breaker, helps you get to know each other better and you help benefit the Goodwill.

By taking this challenge and shopping at the Goodwill, you are helping your community and helping people find jobs.

Your hard-earned dollars – whether spent in your local Goodwill stores or on shopgoodwill.com – give brighter futures to a wide variety of people in your community. The money spent on those pairs of jeans you snagged for your kids could help a single mom get the training she needs to earn a credential and move up in her career. The laptop you got at a great bargain could help someone learn budgeting skills that make a hard-earned paycheck go further and begin to grow savings.

Here are the Goodwill locations near Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Paw Paw.

411 West Milham in Portage

5609 West Main in Kalamazoo

1346 M-89 in Plainwell

309 East Michigan in Paw Paw

420 East Alco in Kalamazoo

15383 Helmer Rd in Battle Creek

You can get a complete list with the store locator 

If you try this challenge, be sure to share your photos with us.

Special Thanks to Baby Bows And Bullets for the photo and inspiration.

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