The area once known as Grosvenor is a couple of miles west of Blissfield in Lenawee County.

It was initially created as a station along the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, which crosses the Chicago & Canada Railroad. The station opened in 1874 under the name ‘Blissfield Junction.’

The 1874 atlas lists it as “Blissfield Junction,” but a post office began operation in January of that year, called “Grosvenor”. Soon, the railway station adopted the name “Grosvenor” and not long afterward, the little community dropped “Blissfield Junction” and re-named themselves “Grosvenor.”

It’s probable that they named the town after Ebenezer O. Grosvenor, who was a Michigan senator in 1859, Lieutenant Governor of Michigan from 1865-1867, and State Treasurer of Michigan from 1867-1871.

The post office closed in January 1880.

Today, there are no businesses at the junction – just railroad tracks and a few homes. But now if/when you travel that area, you’ll know a little something about it. To get the full impact – what there is – of Grosvenor, drive down Driggs Road heading west out of Blissfield alongside the railroad tracks. When you reach the junction of Driggs & Grosvenor, you’re there. Check out the photos below.