Normally when I come across a street sign that doesn't look right I just kind of laugh, knowing it's most likely a fake sign. But pulling into a business yesterday off of Bishop Ave in Portage, I noticed a street sign that looked legit. It was a speed limit sign that read "7 mph."

TSM/ Mark Frankhouse
TSM/ Mark Frankhouse

At first I thought it was a joke sign but after closer investigation, I realized the sign was legitimate. I wondered, "why 7?," and, "how did this get made?" It turns out, after a little google research that this isn't very uncommon as I thought. The signs are, but the idea behind them isn't.

It turns out, although it may seem humorous, a 7 mph speed limit sign is usually placed on a private road like the one in the picture or in a parking lot. Since it's uncommon, it's more likely to attract people's attention, and therefor more likely to be enforced. There is also a children's learning center right next to the road so that may be another reason for this oddly placed sign. Either way, I got a laugh out of it.



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