Another example of road construction being a never ending torture for Michigan drivers; M-DOT has announced a two year widening project for Interstate 94, from Portage Road to Sprinkle Road.

One of the benefits would be, possibly, eliminating the dangerously entry lane from Sprinkle Road onto westbound I-94, and the narrowing of the highway at Portage Road.

Aerial view of Interstate 94 from Portage Road to Sprinkle Road, to be widened to six lanes, beginning in 2021. (Google Maps)

According to Fox17, the idea of widening the highway in this area has been talked about for a quarter century, but for varying reasons, mostly funding, it has never been accomplished. The Michigan Department of Transportation now has the project scheduled for 2021 and 2022. Some longtime observers may be wondering why this wasn't all done with the I-94/US 131 reconstruction project was done some ten years ago, and again, funding, may be the answer.

MDOT spokesman Nick Schirripa says residents can give their opinions on the project at this location.