"Operation Hard Hat" is aimed at protecting road workers and will cost motorists money. Will Michigan follow this Illinois initiative?

We've got a cop and a construction worker, all we need is a sailor, a biker and a Native American and we've assembled the Village People! Chicago's WGN-TV reports on a plan designed to get drivers to slow down in highway construction zones and protect workers.

It's not about writing tickets. It's not about pulling people over, it's about keeping people safe.

-Illinois State Trooper Jason Wilson



Illinois troopers are donning day-glo vests and blending in with the crew while spotting speeders in work areas. The officer will radio a description of a speeding vehicle ahead to his colleagues a few miles up the road who can use radar to confirm a speeding violation and write the ticket.

It can get expensive as a first offense will cost you $375 in the Land of Lincoln. A second citation could bring a $1,000 fine and a 90-day driver's license suspension. In Michigan, fines are doubled in work zones, points on a driver's license increased and injuring or killing a worker could bring $7,500+ in fines and 15 years in prison.

Do you like what they are doing in Illinois? Should Michigan state troopers follow suit and suit up in hard hats to enforce the law? God knows, we have enough construction zones for them to choose from.