Several Kalamazoo buildings were open to the public during the Hidden Kalamazoo 2017 tour. Here we take a look through the Kalamazoo City Hall. 

The Hidden Kalamazoo tours started in 2013.

The tour benefits the Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Commission, founded in 1965, to fund projects that illuminate our heritage. Since 2013, the tour has raised over $40,000.

The Kalamazoo City Hall was completed in 1931 and was part of the Crane plan to remove all the houses that faced Bronson Park and replace them with civic buildings and churches. -Hidden Kalamazoo Booklet

There was no real tour from the building but the architecture inside was amazing, Check out some photos below.

There were seven buildings on the tour with a bonus "mystery" building that was removed at the last minute because of safety concerns.

You can check out the other buildings From the 2017 Hidden Kalamazoo tour here.

BONUS VIDEO:Drone Flyover Sports Forum in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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