If you drive Interstate 69 in Michigan from Port Huron to the Indiana state line south of Coldwater, you may not know the highway is incomplete in the Hoosier state and has ambitions to connect us all the way to Mexico via McAllen and Brownville, Texas.

First things first, the Indiana Department is set to open a new section of Interstate 69 between Bloomington and Martinsville. The only portion of the interstate that remains incomplete is between Indianapolis and Martinsville.

With the opening of a new section of I-69, just 26 miles of interstate remain to complete the highway across the state and create a direct highway connection from Port Huron to Evansville. That section is expected to take another 10 years to open because

Section Six is complicated. It begins in Martinsville, where the highway’s corridor is also the town’s main business district.

The route continues north into the growing Johnson County suburbs where it will hook up with I 465 in Indianapolis.

So should the day ever come that you get the chance to take Interstate 69 all the way to Evansville, you can look forward to fried brain sandwiches, a chance to gamble a the Tropicana riverboat, and the city's best pizza and beer at Turoni's.

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