Fowlerville has been part of Michigan since 1836 and ever since then, the ghost stories have been stacking up. Could Fowlerville really be the most haunted town in Michigan? 

First settled by Ralph Fowler from New York and covering less then 3 square miles, Fowlerville has nearly 200 years of history to cover.

I first found info on the town from the site Ghosts of America. Then talked with my friend Rebecca, who I met at Olde World Village in Augusta and also joined me as we attempted to debunk the myth of Hatchet Man Road, studies the paranormal as a hobby and shared information she has collected about several towns in Michigan. The amount of information she has on Fowlerville was astounding. Check out some of the ghostly sightings in this gallery.

Other stories she shared are:

  • A woman with a half transparent body is seen peeking through apartment windows in the early morning hours. One of the residents says that this spirit likes to scare people who come trying to find ghosts.
  • A guy with a big hole through his body was seen in an apartment near town. The woman panicked and ran away.
  • A lady's body with a horse's head was seen in an area shoe store, staggering the aisles. The spirit didn't seem to be aware of the people near it. If you listen to the people who live here, this ghost is most likely the struggling ghost of a person who used to have a house here. It's a menacing spirit that any rational person wouldn't want to come across.

BONUS VIDEO: Investigating Hatchet Man Road

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