K1025 powered up March 1st and we hit the ground running by bringing Kalamazoo the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s and more. See what our listeners have to say about K1025. Many in Kalamazoo were stunned when Kalamazoo Country went off the air and wanted to know what was coming. After a commercial free preview party, we went back at it, full force with Bobby taking on the morning drive and Eric on your drive home. Me, I stayed in my comfy little home by keeping you dancing at work from 10 to 3.

One week after Bobby and myself came back on the airwaves, I wanted to share what our listeners are saying. Here are some responses from our website and Facebook page.

Absolutely love the new format!-Lynn N., Battle Creek


I love the new station as do my co-workers!-Jennifer B., Lawton


I love the station, LONG over due for Kalamazoo-Geoffrey D., Kalamazoo


I like it!... every car I work on get['s] 102.5 left on their radio-Tim A., Paw Paw


We love it! It's playing in our office now. Thank you!-Ryder Logistics, Kalamazoo


Then there were a few questions asked.

In my car, once you pass Mattawan the station goes out. Bummer. It was pretty good.-Linda L.. Mattawan


Anyway I can listen on my phone or computer?-Monica F., Kalamazoo

The answer is YES! On your computer go to K1025.com and click listen live.

If you want to find us on your phone or tablet, Download the free Radio Pup app Here.

What happened to Kalamazoo Country? Well, Kalamazoo country is still around, exclusively on line at Kalamazoocountry.com. There, you will find country contest, stories and more.

While you're at, give us a like on Facebook and invite your friends as well.




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