In the perfect convergence of all things Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Industries is the K102.5 Workplace of the Week.

We play Kalamazoo's Greatest Hits. They proudly put their city's name on belt-sanders. The other guys make the best donuts in Kalamazoo and the city's award-winning pizza. All things Kalamazoo came together as we dropped off a dozen Sweetwater's donuts and Erbelli's pizza to Kalamazoo Industries, makers of Kalamazoo belt sanders.

Work can be a grind (get it?) but we make Carrie's workday better with the greatest hits of the 70s, 80 and more on K102.5. Since Kalamazoo Industries is way over on the East side and our tower is at Stadium and 131, Carrie had to play with her radio a little bit to get a clear signal. Once she got us locked in, she threatened her coworkers not to touch the radio. For her efforts, we were happy to stop by and reward them with a dozen donuts from Sweetwater's Donut Mill and an Erbelli's pizza party!

Photo: Bobby Guy
Photo: Bobby Guy

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