It has been 31 years since Kellogg's in Battle Creek last offered a tour of their amazing factory. Take a look back at when the doors were open to the public. 

I took the factory tour more times then I can remember as a kid. The smell of the cereal as it was being made, the heat from the equipment and the best part, the great big box of fruit loops I got to take home. As the years went on, I was dis heartened to get to the end of the tour and only receive one of those single serving boxes for taking the tour. Finally, no more tours at all.

In an article from the New York Times, Kellogg's stated this as the reason they ended the tours,

The company says it had no choice. Spies from rival manufacturers were sneaking in with the tourists, it said. In fact, according to Joseph M. Stewart, a vice president, engineers from a foreign competitor took the tour 20 times before setting up a rival manufacturing operation.

So lets take a look back at when Kellogg's in Battle Creek offered tours with this nostalgic video.

Also, here is some more recent footage from a video made by Kellogg's to promote their manufacturing and distribution.

Did you ever tour the Kellogg's factory? share your memories and photos in the comments.

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