After images of the devastating floods in the Upper Peninsula filled screens across Michigan, those with travel plans to the Keweenaw likely begin to rethink them. Some area residents have taken to social media to encourage travelers to keep coming.

Similar to a Caribbean Island hit with a hurricane, these Yoopers are hoping that incoming tourist dollars can help rebuild areas hurt most by flooding.

Friends, several of you were planning to come visit the Keweenaw soon and are now rethinking your plans. We absolutely need you to come visit. We need you to buy our coffee, go to our restaurants, share a dish of ice cream, and stop in at a gift shop or gallery. You’re not a burden, you will help our small businesses that might otherwise struggle if you don’t show up.
US 41 and M26 (to Houghton) are open. Hotels, campgrounds, and gas stations are open. Nearly all businesses on Sheldon are remaining open while they clean up. Trails from Calumet north are in good condition.

We love you, we love seeing you and we know that you love the Keweenaw.
If your favorite haunts are closed and you can’t find anything to do, I volunteer to be your personal tour guide.

A similar sentiment was shared on the You're Not 'Up North' Until you Cross the Mackinac Bridge Facebook page:

If you are planning on visiting the Copper Country please do not change your plans. Please visit our beautiful area and help our businesses rebuild by vacationing in our beautiful back yard. Hotels, campgrounds, cottages are open. Downtown Houghton is open.

So if you've got travel plans to the UP - keep them. And if not, perhaps consider making some to give our fellow Michiganders a helping hand.

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