There are plenty of places to really get away in Michigan. How about this county where there is just one fast food restaurant.

You're looking at the Subway in Suttons Bay the only fast food franchise in all of Leelanau County. No McDonalds, No Burger King. Nothing.

Perhaps not surprising there are not more chain restaurants given the rural nature of Leelanau County in the northwestern tip of the lower Peninsula.

Those craving fast food beyond Subway need only to cross the line into Grand Traverse County and the chain restaurants of Traverse City.

Of course there is an even more rural county than Leelanau, and there aren't any fast food franchises there. Keweenaw County, on the far northern tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the home to exactly zero fast food restaurants. Unsurprising, then perhaps, that Keweenaw County is home to the location in the Lower 48 states that is further than anywhere else from an Interstate highway.

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