We know cereal in this part of the country, and General Mills knows what we want and they will soon be selling bags filled with only the marshmallows from Lucky Charms.

No more chasing the pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes around the cereal bowl with a spoon. Kellogg's cereal rival General Mills is giving you the chance to dig in to pure marshmallow goodness with Lucky Charms' latest treat that's not just for breakfast anymore.

Think about it, you could put these magically delicious shapes in your hot chocolate, make s'mores, cookies and other delicious deserts and confections with colored marshmallows. I don't know when you had Lucky Charms last, but did you know they've added rainbows, unicorns, and red balloons to the lineup? You could put unicorns on your sweet potato cassarole! A little bigger than the mini-marshmallows you find in the cereal box now, these colored marshmallows will be sold in bags beginning in September.

h/t MLive